Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oga fine boy listen up!

Hiya girls! How have you been fairing with the 'pressures' left right and centre? Its gonna be alright as long as your holyghost swag is in check you'll be fine trust me although i want to strongly suggest that those who can't stand the heat should leave the kitchen for us o, thats right. lolz.

You know about two weeks ago I was imagining why some girls just stick to a guy because he a TDH (tall, dark and handsome)period! Seriously, I have a friend who's obsessed about TDHs. They just close their eyes to the guy's faults and concentrate on his looks, they console themselves in the fact that what he couldn't make up for in character at least he makes up for in looks, can u imagine! eh! na wa o! that guy does not value you, he treats you like trash and you are still putting up with him???????!!!!!!!!! Common girl its time you take a walk for good from that relationship. Listen to me girl, your life, ehn, as precious as it is does not and can never revolve around one person, fine boy or not. Beloved mi, before anything or before you met him you are Jesus girl never forget that. At least with all your mistakes or horrible past he treasures you all the same, why should you let some 'fine boy' determine your happiness? stop and ask yourself  WHY?

So i updated my status on facebook and it went viral I thought I should share it wit you my girlfriends... BABE, OF WHAT USE IS A FINE BOY WHO DOES NOT LOVE YOUR JESUS? READ MY LIPS, HE CANNOT AND WILL NOT LOVE YOU. Quite a number of people liked the comment and then i was motivated to take it a step further so i said ...

fine boy wey no get Jesus, sori o, nothing for u! In case u have not noticed, we babes don wise up big time. We are no longer carried away by ur TDH (tall, dark and handsome) attributes, red lips, ur hummer jeep, ur numerous swiss accounts, ur N5 bling bling,(hehehehehe) armani suits, rolex or ur H&C, TM, shirts, hugo boss perf. toblerone chocs, flowers, sisters help me . . .etc. And d list is endless. . .(impressive bt not enough 2 impress me by d way) we r not dat cheap. Our virginity is worth a lot more dan all of dis put 2geda and more. Our father owns d storehouse where 'all that' (said wt attitude) came from.We r concerned about ur heart. U want us to consider u? Simple. Truly give ur heart to Jesus and love Him. That's all! And dnt even pretend abt it cuz dat wud even be worse 4u! hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!funny. it went so viral on two groups on facebook: youth and sex and baptist youths or so. Be reposted it severally and it really went viral! I've never been so amazed in my entire life.

Even i don't know where these thoughts came from, but i guess that was just how i felt at that time.

The train is moving girls, yes the revolution is on for real and you don't want to be left behind so join in. we are redefining the standards. Wise up girls , the coolest decision a girl can ever make is to keep her virginity. Love you girls!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Enough of the Booting!

 Enough of the booting girls, its about time we rolled our sleeves ang get down to business! And like Prof. Pat Utomi would say on Patito's gang, we are back! and i dare say back with a big bang. Let me start by apologizing for the long silence, i had to settle some personal issues, well that is not to say that you all aren't important but you we have to 'put the house in order', hmmn....oh yelz! exactly!(rolling ma eyeballs).

You one issue that i'm gonna thrust in the agenda of talk is the issue about our self-esteem. A lot of girlz have what is called 'Identity crisis', they don't even know who they are anymore. In the age of lace wigs, iman or mac powder, make-up, jeggings, false eyelashes, expensive clothings, help me... yeah the list is endless. if u take all these away what is left? You build your life around super-models and celebrities, do you stop to ask 'who am i'? Sweetie if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything! Let me ask you 'what do you stand for'?
I don't know about you but its time to get our image, identity and self-esteem back! the time to do that is...NOW!

Keep pondering on that and i'll be back shortly....tHIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Girls rev in top gear, join in!

Hiya girls what’s up and how are you doing?

Welcome on board girlstakecharge, now that’s a long one, Alrightee I think GTC sounds cool. Well what is GTC about? you may ask, GTC is a platform for girls who want to be successful in their world regardless of the challenges, vices and distractions in the world today.

A lot is being said and done about womanhood; we just wake up one fine morning to discover oh! I’m now a wife or a mother, whatever happened to girlhood anyways? It just happened so fast we couldn’t even savor the beauty of it and the sad news is, we can’t bring it back. It’s gone, all gone! Do you know the most interesting thing is that everywoman is still just a girl, you know why she wants the same things she wanted when she was just a girl, her barbie dolls, her prom dress, prince charming, happily ever after stories, you call it girlish fantasies? You are mistaken, because they are real to her. Now she’s a mother she only wishes she could turn back the hands of time. Girlhood really is a time to equip ourselves with those values and principles that form a solid foundation for a good motherhood, that’s what GTC is about; to restore lost values to girlhood, to realign misplaced priorities and to help girls discover who we really are. Sweetie, you are not cheap! Precious that what you are and don’t you ever let anything or anyone make you feel any less.

As a tiny tot I set a goal for myself; to be a successful mother. I had no clue how to achieve this, but I would look in the mirror and say to myself over and over again,“ I am a successful mother.” Little wonder I became a mother at an early age …not my own biological children actually, (I just scared some of my peeps out of their skin,lol. I know, I did that on purpose. lol.) God gave an opportunity of mothering other people’s children I guess He wanted me to figure out what a great job and privilege mothering is. I personally define success as the ability to joggle the roles and responsibilities of being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a sister, that is, you’ve got the homefront (your husband and kids welfare inclusive), your business, career, education on the side as well (I mean you don’t stop learning because your status has changed), balancing all these together without any hitch makes you a successful woman. . .hey, it doesn’t mean that you are a superwoman. I think that what its called multi-tasking rite? I believe every girl by default can multi-task, if you don’t know about that yet, I think you should start discovering yourselves (one of the so many discoveries we’ll male together, Godwilling).

I hear guys often say “it’s a man’s world you only live in it”, well I think that cliché should be slightly altered, because it’s absolutely incorrect. I’d rather say ‘it’s a man’s world as well as it’s a girl’s world and the fact that girls are in it, makes a HUGE difference. (Don’t I just like the taste of that, haha). I believe the guys will agree with me on this one, rite?

Am I feeling the heat already or am I feeling the heat already, its getting hot in here *blowing myself with my hands and rolling my eyes* hmnnn…..girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! the big question is, are you ready for the revolution????????? Did I hear you say yes? Yippeeeeeeeeee! I’m excited as you are, its time to make a lot of discoveries together. It’s a girl’s world no doubt.