Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Monster Called Corruption

I am sad.

Terribly sad about the state of the nation.

What worsens my state of mind is the limiting thought patterns and mindset that the Nigerian people have about their own country and why it may never change and as such have accepted it.

I for one, believe that a New Nigeria is emerging despite the seemingly hopelessness we find ourselves in, particularly how our name is now synonymous with corruption world over.

The other day I was in a bus ride home, people were discussing generally about the elections and the difference between the APC and PDP with regards to corruption (in situations like this from experience I do not join issues with them or argue it out, experience and wisdom has taught me that it is better to listen). The argument ended with a unanimous decision :" if I was the one occupying that position that the "leaders" are occupying I will also do the same or  even do worse"

Huh? In 2015? This is where we are? Sad reality I must say.
And please before you give me that sneer, cynical look or castigate me because you think I'm claiming 'saint' or ' holier than thou', please think this through with me; how do we as a people intend to fight corruption with this kind of mindset? This is not the first, second or third time I have heard this phrase ( I think it has even become a philosophy that we live by), as a matter of fact I have lost count on how often we use it especially when  it comes to talking about our leaders, we now praise them for how much of pubic funds they have looted and the property they have acquired with the stolen.

I'm not going to spare us 'the youths' from this, particularly the so-called youth leaders or advocates who use the opportunity given to them to lead to enrich themselves and live in luxury from ill gotten wealth. Do not get it twisted, I love money and the good things of life but I would be happier and more fulfilled if that money came from hard work and not from compromising my values and selling my conscience and pledging my allegiance or loyalty gullibly to a corrupt leader. You cannot go far if you fall into this category, yes you! reading this article. Repent from your selfishness and greed, let's salvage our dear country together. Stop deceiving your fellow youths that you're committed to change meanwhile you're fraternising and conniving with the real enemy of our future.

Let's be honest with ourselves there are still a few Nigerians who are people of integrity and No! They are not wretched...they believe in hard work, it is very frustrating to do business and make good profit  in the corrupt system that we are in but their business still thrives nonetheless. Nigerians are known to be hardworking and conscientious people, let's bring back our glory days.
Just yesterday, at the ongoing Africa CEO Forum, the monster of corruption was discussed, bribes shouldn't be taken or given, to say it is one thing to adopt it as a lifestyle is another.
Stop pointing accusing fingers at the leaders when deep down in your heart you're nursing thoughts of greed and avariciousness, that's the mentality of a mediocre and never-do-well. Recently I added #saharajets on my #instagram  I love the pictures of the insides of the jet, so much opulence, class and luxury and immediately I told myself I'm going to ride in one those soon, you see that's an ambition, a desire and to make it happen I have to work hard, do legit business deals ...basically have an action plan to make it a reality not steal or defraud.

This has nothing to do with the #2015elections...but it would be nice to think about this as you make your decision on who to vote.
#BringBackOurValues #LEAPAfrica #Values and #Leadership #GodBlessNigeria

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