Friday, March 20, 2015

To Prove or Not To Prove? You Decide!

I discovered recently that often times consciously or unconsciously we feel the need to prove a point to people around us, you know, kind of make a bold statement, for people to hail you, have your ego caressed maybe, that Mr. Ogbeni or Ms. Lagbaja has finally arrived!!!! Yes, true that!  Don’t lie you have been there before, at least I have been and in all honesty you will agree with me that it has a feel-good- feeling!
Say for instance you need to buy and cruise that Bugatti Veyron and prove to the guys in your hood ‘who’s in charge’ it doesn’t matter if you emptied your bank account to achieve the feat, point made, point taken, gbam! 

It could even be the girls in your school; you want to let them know you are the reigning chic and you rock the freakingly expensive Channel ‘diamond forever’ tote bag to that event, oh! the thot of their eyes popping, tongues wagging, gossip spreading, kudos! Great achievement! *loud applause* The truth is we prove a gazillion points every day, to everyone and everywhere; school, neighbourhood, home/family, church, (yes church) school and even workplace where you can buy the latest model of your boss’ car just to prove to your boss who’s actually boss das all, God help you on this one!

Funny, proving a point is like pulling a stunt and there is an element of competition in it plus if you are an ambitious fella you would definitely go to great lengths in order to make your statements very bold and glaring for all to see. For me, proving a point is a constant need for someone to validate your person, there is a feeling of inadequacy, now, that is a terrible place to be. The typical Point-Prover loves challenges, what people run away from he runs towards by default.
There is no intention to make this a gender-based argument but it feels good to exercise my poetic licence, I like to think that this ‘proving point issue’ is linked to ego and men tend to have a lot of ego issues than the ladies otherwise how do you explain the fact that out of six people that tried to prove retarded points only one of them is female?  just saying, ( Point : To rustle some feathers; point made, point taken, gbam!

I remember the story of a girl who set out to prove a point in school; to top the class in the toughest course in school and make a fool of her lecturer’s grades! This was a great feat and there was a game plan. She broke the jinx quicker than expected but she wanted more so she drove herself harder, the feeling is as intoxicating as alcohol. Towards the end of school it suddenly dawned on her she had  robbed herself of having fun in school, she didn’t have a life, sad enough she could smell the gold prize but couldn’t touch it. She eventually says to herself one day, I’m done with point-proving, that’s the morale of the story.

They say life is a bitch and we unconsciously slip into that zone and the need to prove a point emanates from a myriad of life’s expectations particularly in the workplace, where you see people unleashing tricks of all sorts, God help you if have a number of these ‘sophisticated crooks’ in your workplace, but then again that’s work my friend. Don’t get it twisted, work is about fun too, its hanging out with your colleagues and having a good laugh that comes from your spleen not cooking up some points in your head to prove per time. Yes, you work hard and set goals but don’t get overtly ambitious otherwise you become mean, selfish and hated by everyone. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan rightly said “I don`t believe in proving a point to anybody. Nobody is that important.” I agree with this statement except that some people are important but you are not under any obligation to constantly prove a point .

Was I trying to prove a point with this article? Oh yes, if you ever again feel a need to prove a point to anyone again in whatever circle of influence you find yourself and you need an audience, go stand in front of the mirror, that dude you are staring at, prove your point to him/her that’s your benchmark. –point made, point taken, gbam!

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